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PPC Solution - LIPOLAB

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  • MaterialPhosphatidylCholine
  • Weight1 kg
Gold trader Gold Trader

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  • South Korea South Korea
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PPC Solution - Lipo Lab



PPC(PhosphatidylCholine)injection, spotlighted as the lastest solution to obesity, is being called ‘the 2nd Botox’.

No single case of side - effects has been reported in the clinical trial over 10,581 patients implemented in the UK 

and has been made even more renowned since celebrities like


Britney Spears and Mariah Carey took this PPC treatment and it ended up with a success. It has now become very popular in over 60 countries.


<Major parts for Injections>

1. Double chin

2. Armpit, forearms

3. Back

4. Abodominal region, ribs(love handle)

5. Hip

6. Thighs